1. Venus Engine   This advanced design circuit continuously monitors, analyzes and corrects the AC line output waveform and voltage level in analog real-time mode, the AC output is very constant at all time which could not be found in conventional stabilizer in the market.

2. Polaris IV Technology   This is Clef proprietary filter technology which is different from common filter design. The common filter design usually filters only high and very high frequency. Polaris filter in PureSINE-1200 is designed to work from 10KHz upward which is the frequency band that affects the sound and video quality. Polaris filter can reduce the noise in AC line over 95% of total noise so the improvement of sound and picture quality can be clearly detected.

3. Vega Filter Technology   For video improvement, new Vega filter is used for reduce high frequency noise in video band.

4.Polaris Plus Technology   This circuit will remove any DC voltage that usually exist on AC line.  The equipment will work more efficiently after the DC voltage is removed.

5.   Star Wiring Technic   This is special technic which totally separate the wiring to each duplex. This will reduce the crosstalk between duplex and increase maximum current delivered the equipment.

Technical Specification

Type:  Solid State
Configuration:  Dual-Mono
Power Supply Transformer:  2 x 200VA
Power Supply Capacitance:  120,000μF
Class of operation:  A/AB (10W Class-A)
Single Ended Inputs (RCA):  3 pairs
Balanced Inputs (XLR):  1 pair
Input Sensitivity:  160mV RMS
Input Impedance:  44 Kohms
Maximum Input Level:  3.6 Vrms Balanced/UnBalanced
Output Device Types:  Bipolars / 6 per channel
Output Binding Posts:  Gold-plated
Output Power @ 8 ohms:  50 Watts per channel
Output Power @ 4 ohms:  100 Watts per channel
Volume Steps:  64Steps / 1.0dB
Gain:  42dB
Signal-to-noise Ratio:  100dB @ full power
Frequency Response:  20Hz – 56kHz (+0/-3dB)
Crosstalk @ 1kHz:  -100dB
THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 1 watt):  < 0.01%
THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 50 watts):  < 0.04%
Power Consumption @ idle/Max:  200 / 300Watts
AC Power Requirements:  220-230V / 50Hz
Shipping weight:  18 kgs
Dimensions (w x h x d):  432 x 112 x 400 mm.

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